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I taught as a primary school teacher for five years. I got into teaching because I enjoy helping others learn and I love inventing exciting lessons. I realised that I had the opportunity to bring my passions for art, photography and teaching together. I believe that all children should have the chance to explore their creative side through a range of mediums. In the past I have been commended on the way I structure my lessons, communicate clearly with children and make learning fun!

I know that the jam packed school curriculum today makes it difficult to create extended periods of time for art and creativity. My Art and Photography sessions allow children that time to really get their teeth into a project and explore their ideas.

I also have an interest in how creativity enhances wellbeing and have been involved in some projects with people with learning difficulties and mental health issues. In my spare time I work as an art worker for ACCT; a charity which support children with aspergers and their parents/ carers. I am always looking for new avenues in which to take art and photography activities.